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Welcome to Burrow South!

I’m Stephanie, a “go get ’em” kind of gal and the creator of Burrow South, a lifestyle blog aimed at helping others lead more inspired lives. I’m no expert, but I believe that living well is about balance, not just feeding your mind and body, but also feeding your soul. So that’s what I shareβ€”health and fitness tips and recipes for your body; travel guides, ideas for building community, and art and music for your soul.

You’ll probably feel most at home here if you’re an outdoor-obsessed, craft-beer-drinking, dinner-party-hosting, globally conscious millennial like me, but I’ll pull up a chair for anybody. All I ask is that you dream big, do your best, and make every day an adventure.

Here’s to letting life splash you in the face, being the change you wish to see, and finding joy and purpose in the details.


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